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Here's my sweet kitten,
 Little Eddie Munster
that I raised from 1 day
old. He is a big giant
now, but I like to 
remember him like this.



A while back I opened a fortune cookie with a fortune saying I would soon be presented with a business opportunity... in bed, of course! Okay, I added that last part. The fortune didn't really specify "where" this would happen.

Just about that time, the local quilt store approached me about teaching classes at their shop, which I apprehensively accepted. Me?? Teaching classes? It's been a long time since I've done that, but what the hell. I'll try it. Anything for a goof.

Happy to say that all of my classes have filled, and it has a very positive thing for me. Gets me out of the house, and also helps to create new quilters and fabric junkies! What could be better? Oh yeah, and they PAY ME MONEY!! I had no idea there were so many women in my area that were interested in making quilts!

Now, if I can only find some that REALLY love applique and want to make reproduction quilts, I will be very happy! I've met such great women, I'm sure I won't be without sewing buddies for long.

Last night I opened another Fortune Cookie that said "You are artistic and others can relate to you". Well, this time I won't add the end part. We all know where.

* * * * * * * *
I've had many requests to add a picture of Little Eddie Munster as a grown up, so I have done that. He is a big boy, loves his dad, and thinks that he is King of the Jungle.

He has many nicknames:
Wild Man, Señor Guapo (Mr. Handsome), Big Galoot, Piggy Man (he eats all the time), Mr. Puffy Pants (because of his fleecy and fluffy thighs), and BAD CAT (which he hears a lot!).

I bet just his head alone wouldn't fit in that pocket anymore!



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