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Favorite Places on the Web

Try to Make a Difference

The Hunger Site http://www.thehungersite.com
I have made this my home page, and make a point to click on every subsite there, which are shown as folder file tabs along the top of the page: Breast Cancer Site, Child Health Site, Literacy Site, Rainforest Site, and Animal Rescue Site. Each time you click on their hyperlink, the sponsors donate food to the hungry, help pay for mammograms for women who would otherwise go without, buy books for needy kids, supply medicine and checkups for kids, purchase parcels of rainforest to save it from devastation, and feed and find homes for our animal friends. It is so easy to help out, and it takes about a minute a day.

I sometimes find myself feeling powerless to change the course of the country and the world, but at least I can do this instead of nothing. Every little bit helps, right?

Interesting Places

Urban Legends Reference Page   http://www.snopes.com/
I originally came to this site to inquire about mummies being used
as fuel for locamotives in the late 1800s.... and have been checking
it out for the validity of other "facts" ever since. I like that it gives you
all the information about the urban myth or legend, tells you why it
probably isn't true (or is true), but still leaves wiggle room in most cases
so you don't feel like a total idiot for having believed it in the first place!

Pearly Kings and Queens   http://www.pearlysociety.co.uk/welcome.htm
After seeing pictures of the Pearly People, I absolutely cannot throw
away a pearl button. Even the fake ones!

Silly Stuff

Shakespearean Insult Generator http://www.petelevin.com/shakespeare.htm
Are you weary of giving voice to the same tired old invectives when boorish rubes
intrude upon your serenity? Don't you wish you could inveigh your enemy with a
genuinely classic put-down? Most effective with a Richard Burton accent
(Glenda Jackson or Judy Dench for the ladies).

Blue Collar Comedy     http://www.bluecollarcomdey.com
This is the webpage for Jeff Foxworthy and all those silly boys. Ron "Tater Salad"
White is my very favorite. What a sly sense of humor that guy has. He kind of scares
me, though. I think I'm a little afraid of everyone from Texas these days.

Crafty Artsy Stuff


Firemountain Gems     http://www.firemountaingems.com/
This place is great! They have a wonderful catalog that you could lose hours with.
Just about anything that any beader could ever dream of, and at the best prices I've ever
seen. Definitely worth a look if you've got the beading bug. Everything you would ever
need for any sort of jewelry making.

Quilting and Fabric

Dear Jane Quilt    www.dearjane.com
The Jane Stickle quilt, in all it's incarnations. Anyone considering making this quilt should
definitely check out this site. There are lots of pattern tips, challenges, pictures of quilts
people have made from the patterns, and a message board for anyone currently making,
or who is considering starting this wonderful quilt project. I think I have about 20 blocks done.
Ooooh! Just 150 more and then I can start working on the border!!

Missing Fabrics    www.missingfabrics.com
This is a fantastic site for anyone who needs a certain fabric and can no longer find it in the
stores. You scan a bit that you (hopefully) have, post it online, and if anyone scanning the
posts has your fabric, chances are you will be able to buy it from them! I have also done trades.
It has saved my butt more than once when you run out of something you really need to finish a quilt.

Ami Simms    www.mallerypress.com
Besides being a great quilter and teacher, Ami is a funny lady. She has a newsletter that will make
you laugh.

Jennifer Buechel    www.jbuechel.tripod.com
Jennifer designs beautiful applique patterns in the Pennsylvania Dutch flavor. Her work is fantastic,
and quite an inspiration!

Hancock's of Paducah   http://www.hancocks-paducah.com/
Sign up to receive their catalog... it is a great one. All the latest lines from all the fabric makers.


Crazy Quilting

Nancy Kirk   http://www.thekirkcollection.com/
Nancy's webpage has a direct link to her Crazy Quilt world. They have all kinds of stuff going on.

Flights of Fancy Boutique    http://www.flightsoffancyboutique.com/
All kinds of cool stuff for Crazy Quilting

Cindy Brick    http://www.brickworks.com
Cindy is a great resource for all kinds of things! Check out her "Cool Girl" stuff.

Florilegium    http://www.florilegium.com/index.htm
I love that name. It means "leaf gatherer" in latin. I would think that "flori" would cover flowers and
other growing things, too. Lots of nice things on this site.

Ribbonsmyth   http://ribbonsmyth.com/
Lots of important things for our Crazy Quilts. We need all sorts of treasures, and this is a good
place to start.


Nostalgic Needle    http://needlework.net/nostalgicneedle/
This is my all time favorite needlework designer. Her name is Sharon Cohen, and she is AMAZING!
The sampler and bags on the left are her designs.

The Scarlet Letter    http://www.scarlet-letter.com/
This is my other favorite. They have wonderful designs for reproduction-style pieces from the last
5 centuries.