Seems like I have a tough time getting any decent pictures with my digital camera. Must be the camera, right??

Mary Mannakee Blocks

I LOVE applique, and this is one of the first quilts I ever started. You notice I didn't say "finished"... You can see that it is still in the block
stage, and has been for many years. I'm hoping those "Finishing Fairies" will visit and take care of the rest so that I can start a new project
without that pesky guilty conscience!

I sort of ran out of enthusiasm about 15 blocks into it. I did all the ones I liked, and just couldn't bring myself to spend time working on
anything that I didn't care about. I will need 16 blocks to do my quilt, so I decided that I will design the center block myself. I will call the quilt
"Mary Mannakee and Me". If I'm lucky I'll finish it this year (2006). I want to do some nice swag borders and then quilt the heck out of it!



Baltimore Memories

Elly Sienkiewicz invited people to make quilt blocks in honor of (or in memory of) loved ones who had or were currently battling cancer.  P&B donated fabrics, and over 100 people made blocks in the Baltimore style to be collected and sewn into quilts.  The result was 5 quilts which were auctioned on Ebay on Mother's Day, 2005. All proceeds went to the Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Foundation.

To the right you will see closeups of the blocks that my friend Kathy and I made for our wonderful friends, Mike Hazlett and David McLaughlin, who both died of cancer. We miss them.

David O. McLaughlin
"O" is for optimist, which he is,
as he always sees the glass overflowing.

Mike Hazlett
1945 - 2003
Teacher - Coach - Friend
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